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HMA provides learners with a seamless integration into university and an ever-evolving new world which will give them a head start comparatively to other children by incorporating the world renowned IEB curriculum and STEM education.

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Strong Roots Give Flight

Our Beloved Prophet Peace be Upon Him, advised us to divide our children’s upbringing into three phases; affection for the first seven years, discipline for the next seven and friendship for their remaining years.

This philosophy provides a wonderful framework to raise our children. It also guides our ethos in education. The pre-primary phase falls within the first seven years while primary school falls within the second seven years, and high school along with the teenage phase of our children’s lives falls within the last seven phase. If we think about it, these schooling phases correlate perfectly with our Prophet’s advice on upbringing; affection in pre-primary, discipline in primary and friendship in high school. Discipline can be defined as control, but in the constantly evolving field of education, we at HMA regard discipline as the acquirement of skills and values that will assist our learners in leading full lives with all the required skills to make them adaptable, productive and resilient.

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Character Building

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Inspiring Heads & Hearts

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Skills for the Future

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Achieve Your Goals

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Curriculum Overview

At HMA, we understand the importance of a rich, well-balanced and holistic curriculum. This is achieved by imparting both information and skills in a variety of ways that develop each child intellectually, spiritually and physically. If a curriculum is fed only by information, then our learners will not be well-rounded individuals with insight into good human character.

As educators, we take on the responsibility to supplement the information-rich curriculum with values, ethics and morals. We aim to nurture our children so that they may grow into well-adjusted adults with exemplary character, self-assuredness, confidence and a strong self-identity. We strive to develop children who will become adults who inspire, invent, innovate, change and mold society. If we are persistent in surpassing our physical, intellectual and spiritual condition, we will be admirable role models for the impressionable young minds who look to our every move for guidance and understanding.



At the Houghton Muslim Academy, our home language is English, and our first additional language is Afrikaans.

Our approach to Mathematics education encompasses the following: Quantitatively, Mathematics which may be defined as the knowledge of numbers, patterns, shapes, space, measurement and data. However, the qualitative definition is much harder to express. It is the reasoning, logic and application skills that are developed through our understanding and knowledge of numbers. The superiority of a child’s mathematical skills are dependent on both.

Life Skills: lends to the holistic development of the child and encompasses:

Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well Being – general knowledge and social skills


Creative Arts – Performing Arts and Visual Arts

Physical Education

The school programme provides for a variety of learning experiences. It is based on the principle that learning should be the result of actual experience; that play is a significant mode of learning, and above all the school should be a place of joy for both the learner and educator. Activities include drawing, painting, reading, baking, cutting, pasting, crafts, puzzles etc.

Our principle focus is on the holistic development of the child which includes:

  • Physical and perceptual motor development.

  • Language skills development

  • Social development

  • Emotional development

  • Intellectual development

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