History in motion

Established in 2012, the Houghton Muslim Academy (HMA) prides itself on being a professional institution established for the sole purpose of serving the community and fulfilling a core need in the quest for a quality learning experience. The institution is registered as a public benefit organization and is operated on a self-funding basis. HMA is underpinned by firmly entrenched set of values which defines the institutions identity and social responsibilities.

HMA is institutionalized with CAPS (Curriculum Assessment and Policy Statement); registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE); The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) and Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) and (AMS) Association of Muslim Schools and UMALUSI (Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training).


Our Mission

HMA recognizes that the primary years of a child’s development, is critical in shaping the character and personality of that child and therefore places substantial emphasis on creating theappropriate environment to suitably accelerate thisdevelopment.

Our strong Islamic ethos coupled with the set of values wesubscribe to, serve as our guiding light in achieving this. Our core values of integrity, morality, spirituality and higher learning drive our commitment in discharging our onus of delivering a superior learning experience. These values are all encompassing and define the manner in which we interact, manage and educate. By instilling the value that we uphold, we strive to develop each childholistically through unlocking his/her potential in all areas ofdevelopment.

Our team

We have a professional and dedicated team driven by a shared vision and purpose.

HMA is governed by a robust and dedicated Board of Governors with diverse and specialist experience, Their mandate is predicated on ensuring compliance; effective governance; strategy formulation and execution; financial sustainability and relevance of the HMA in a continually changing education landscape.

The Principal and executive team ensure effective operations and strategy execution. Our team of highly competent and passionate educators are instrumental in helping us make the vision come alive.

HMA Board of Governers


Mr. Yussuf Bham



Mr. Imraan Osman

Vice Chair


Mrs. Shayda Arbee


Mr. Yousuf Laher


Mr. Yusuf Bhamjee


Moulana Mohammed Ridwaan Hoosen


Ms. Tasneem Mohammed


Mr. Muzaffar Loot

HMA Executive Team (SMT)


Ms. Razia Pilodia

Head of Operations


Mufti Zaid Minty

HOD Islamiyaat


Mrs. Farzeen Ally

HOD Intermediate Phase


Mrs. Faheema Laher

HOD Pre-Preparatory


To nurture and develop young minds through imparting both academic and cultural learnings and to empower the nations future leaders in industry and society at large.